Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mary Katherine Allred Powell

Mary Katherine Allred Powell, age 76 of Nashville, went to her eternal home on Monday, April 30, 2018 in Nashville. She was born December 10, 1941 in Osage, Arkansas to the late Booker Euclyde Allred and Bessie Grace Smith. She was a home maker and of the Baptist Faith. Mrs. Powell loved her flowers and gardening. She enjoyed doing her gardening along with her husband. She was a lady of wanting things to be done right. Her first love was her Lord and Savior, but her second love was her family, (wife, mother and grandmother), this was her life.

She was the last of her family, preceding her in death was her parents, two sisters; Bonnie Mae Collins, Betty Jo Allred, three brothers; Chancie, Johnnie and Troy Allred.

Her survivors include; the love of her life and best friend for 57 years and 12 days, Donnie Powell of Nashville.  Two children; Shawn and wife Vicki Powell of  Nashville, Peggy Powell Friend of Nashville.  Two grandchildren, Aaron Sanford and Holland.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Of Naming, quilts and people

Thanks to Laura and Betty's friend Amy our quilt pattern has a name.  It is commonly known as Rolling Stone, and also Broken Wheel.  Several websites say this quilt pattern is easy to make into a beautiful quilt.  I think that may be fake news.

Here is my diagram of the quilt pattern in excel.  Until I drew it out by hand on top of the photo and then transferred my lines to excel, I could not really see the whole pattern, which is just two rows repeated.

The yellow squares are white in our original quilt.

This is a representation I found of the pattern. The dotted squares in this pattern are white in our quilt.

The google capture above and below show how different the finished quilt will look just by arranging the colors differently.

This capture was a capture from a broken wheel pattern search.  Again, this is the same exact pattern with different placement of the colors.

Thanks to Betty, Laura and Amy for help in naming this quilt.

I have put names and identities to 26 of the 30 named squares. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quilt Relatives

I made this image to demonstrate the relationships between the people named on Marie's quilt.  Relatives are color coded.  You may have to click on the image to read the names.  I have now identified 27 of the 30 people named, leaving only the three without full names unidentified.

I would like to know the name of the pattern used in the quilt.  Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Someone's Family Quilt

My friend found this wonderful old quilt in her mother's home after her mother passed away last year. Marie says the quilt came from her Grandmother, Mary Florence Standlee. She does not know any of the people named on the quilt, however several of the surnames are familiar. If anyone recognizes any of these names as family members, please contact us. It is believed the quilt was likely created by an Urbanette quilters group. Many of the families lived in the Urbanette area and can be found on the 1930/1940 Carroll County census in Polo township.

Since Ollie Hale is identified on the quilt as mother with the year 1933, it is likely the quilt was a gift for one of her children.  Her children were Jessie Clyde Hale, Charles Evertt (Cherif) Hale, Pearl Gladis Hale Ford, and Hazel Hale White Golkoski.  Charles Hale was in possession of the quilt at his death in 1965.  In 1940 Charles is listed in the household of his sister Pearl and her husband Jim Ford.  I think  the quilt was made for either Charles Hale or Pearl Ford.  Charles had no children.  Pearl had two children but neither lived to adulthood.

Names as they appear on the quilt are written in BOLD type. The other information about these people is from various online genealogy research websites.

 Names on the quilt:

Ollie Hale, mother, 1933 is embroidered on the center square.

    Ollie Harryman Hale [1881-1963] was a daughter of John Hugh Harryman and Elizabeth C. Nelson. She married Elisha Green Hale in Carroll County, AR in 1899. Elisha Green Hale was a son of William Washington Hale.

Hazel White

    Hazel Hale White Golkoski {1917-1979] daughter of Olllie and E. G. Hale, married Sherman White and later a Golkoski.

Darrell Gene Ford [1927-1934]

    Darrell Gene Ford was a grandson of Ollie Hale, son of Pearl Gladis Hale Ford and James Wesley Ford. James Ford was a son of Henry and Nancy W. Moore Ford.

Alma Harryman

   Alma Ford Harryman [1912-2008] a daughter of Henry and Nancy W. Moore Ford married Ervin Harryman in 1928. Ervin Harryman was a son of Henry Price Harryman. Henry Price Harryman was a brother to Ollie Harryman Hale.

Nan Ford

   Nancy W. Moore Ford [1875-1960], listed as Nanna Ford on 1910 census, was the morther-in-law of Pearl Hale Ford and grandmother of Darrell Gene Ford.

Zelma Hale

   Zelma Ford Hale [1906-1991], daughter of Henry and Nancy W. Moore Ford, married Ausin M Hale [1906-1980] in 1927. Austin M. Hale was a son of Elijah Hale and Lydia Dodgen.  Elijah Hale was a brother to Wm. Washington Hale and uncle of Elijah Green Hale.

Mary Hale

   Mary Ellen Harryman Hale [1873-1958] married John Elijah Hale in 1904.  Mary Ellen was a sister to Ollie Harryman.  John was a son of William Washington Hale and a half brother of Elisha Green Hale.  Mary Ellen Harryman Hale was mother to Belva Oldham.

Belva Oldham

  Belva Hale Oldham Ross [1909-1985] was a daughter of Mary Ellen Harryman and John Elijah Hale born in 1909.  She married William Nole Oldham in Jackson County, Missouri in 1928.   She is buried in Holden, Johnson County, Missouri.

Oma Caudill

   Oma L. Hale Caudill [1893-1970] daughter of William Martin Hale [son of Wm. Washington Hale] and Sarah Boyd. Oma married William T. Caudill in 1912.

Doris Caudill

   Doris Caudill [1914-1995] was a daughter of Oma and William T. Caudill.

Grace Allen

   Grace Harryman Allen [1889-1969], a sister to Ollie Harryman Hale. Grace married William H. Allen in 1905.

Mary Shipman

   Mary Jane Ray Williams Shipman [1874-1941] married John W. Williams. After her husband died in 1914 in Le Flore, Oklahoma, Mary Williams married William Franklin Shipman. of the Yocum community.  Carroll County Families has a photo of Mary Shipman writing she lived in a white house next to Urbanette school.  Mary was mother of James Elmer Williams husband of Audrey Williams and Earl Melford Williams husband of Goldie Williams.  William Franklin Shipman was a brother to Corretta Shipman Hanby.

Audrey Williams

   Audrey Hanby Williams [1915-1977] in 1931 married Elmer 'Smoker' Williams. Elmer was a son of Mary Ray Williams and John W. Williams. Audrey Hanby Williams was a daughter of Jerry W. Hanby. Jerry was a son of Corrta and Henderson Hanby.

Goldie Williams

   Goldie Riddle Williams [1905-1957] married Earl Williams in 1925.  Earl Williams was a son of Mary Williams Shipman and a brother to Audrey Williams' husband James Elmer.

Coretta Hanby

   Coretta Laura Shipman Hanby [1871-1956] married Henderson Hanby in Carroll County in 1907. Corretta was a daughter of Daniel Shipman and Jean Youngblood.  William Franklin Shipman, husband to Mary Williams Shipman, was her brother.

Eather Sandlee 

  Eather Hanby Standlee [1903-1986] married Carl B. Standlee [1897-1965] in 1923. Eather was a daughter of Corretta Shipman Hanby.

Barbara Mills

   Barbara McGinnis Mills [1875-1951] daughter of Robert McGinnis and Amanda Shipman married Noah Columbus Mills.

Vada Mills 

   Vada M. Nance Mills [1908-1997] married Jessie C. Mills in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1928. Jessie was a son of Barbara Mills.

Julia Plumlee

   Julia Ford Plumlee [1896-1987] daughter of Henry and Nancy Moore Ford married Daniel R. Plumlee.

Margaret Plumlee

   Mary Margaret Plumlee Smith [1925-2011] daughter of Julia Plumlee married Terrell Davis Smith and died in Alabama.

Ollie Dixon

   Ollie Wierick/Wyrick Dixon {1907-1966] married John Teet Dixon in 1910.

Grace Cox

   Grace Phillips Cox [1888-1960] married Charles C. Cox in 1905. The family lived in Prairie township, Carroll County, AR in 1930.

Hallie C. and Velma

Hallie C. is Hallie Humbard Callen [1885-1965] wife Elmer Ellis Callen. Velma is Hallie Callen's daughter-in-law.  Her son Raymond Callen married Velma Ownbey [1905-1991]in 1926.

Ina Smith

Ina Smith is Ina Ruth Jones Smith [6 Dec 18931957]  wife of H. O. Oscar Smith, married in 1912,  and daughter of Isaac and Alice Jones of Urbanette.  In 1940,  Ina is on the census in L. A., California listed as divorced.  In 1942 she is in Tacoma Washington and writes her mother is Alice Jones of Urbanette, AR.  She had a son, Rex Smith.

Haley Ross

Haley Ross [1894-1943] was the hardest to identify as she does not appear on any census or marriage record for Carroll County.  She was Mary Halsey Heyer Ross, wife of Custer Gordon Ross. I found the family with a son Leon C Ross on the Urbanette school census at the Carroll County Historical Society.  The are listed from 1932 through 1938.  The family is from West Virginia.  Custer G. Ross died in 1939 and is buried in the Jones Cemetery.  Haley/Halsey returned to West Virginia where she died in 1943.  She is buried in the Boggs Family Cemetery in Clay Co, WV.

Thelma Sears

   Thelma Hale Sears [1907-1947] was a daughter of Mary Ellen Harryman and John Elijah Hale, a sister to Belva Oldham and niece of Ollie Hale.  She married first a Matthews in Eureka Springs and divorced after just a short time.  Thelma married second Ray M. Sears of Jackson County, Missouri sometime between 1930 when the census was taken in KC and 1933 when the quilt was made.  She is buried in Jackson County, Missouri in the same cemetery as Hazel White.

I do not even have a guess as to the identity of the following names.

Gertie S., Emily H., GLA.

 Mary Florence Wright Standlee [1903-1988]  owner of this quilt married 1st William Monroe Standlee [1897-1946].

 After his death she married Coy Dotson [1889-1952]. After Mr. Dotson's death Florence married Cherfil [aka Charles E.] Hale [1909-1965], a son of Ollie Harryman Hale and Elisha Green Hale. After Mr. Hale's death Florence married Armor Ray [1902-1977]. I think it is likely this quilt came to Florence through her marriage to Cherfil or Charles Hale, son of Ollie Hale, the mother identified on this quilt.

Pieced Together

Grandma snipped, stitched, and pressed little bits of cloth.
Purple flowers, checks and plaids, red and yellow dots.
Mamma sewed our dresses and passed Grandma the scraps.
Together, they pieced together, memories of our past.
These little bits of cloth are what they left for us,
To piece us together, with memories in the dust.

And the Purple Dress Mamma made for me sometime in the '60's.

Fleta, April 7, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

George's stone

Sunday after Church, we went to the cemetery so the kids could see George's stone.

Then we went to Berrytown for KFC chicken.  I got an 8 piece and the girl ate half of it.  Robert said foul.

Next week the kids take off to the desert.  They are going to have so much fun, and so am I.

Monday, March 12, 2018