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Winn And Lyn

I am going to continue with Cousin Winnie's Wheeler genealogy here. Joseph Wheeler who married Mary Holmes had several children. Two were Eleanor Wheeler who married Robert Desha and John B. Wheeler who married Mary Revel. Eleanor was the grandmother of President Lyndon Johnson and John B. was the grandfather of Winnie Merk. Maybe Winnie's political interest is an inherited trait. One of Eleanor Wheeler Desha's sons was the Governor of Kentucky and another was a State Senator or Representative....I forgot which and don't think I will look. President Johnson was so proud of his Desha kin that he named one of his daughter's Lucy Desha!
You can see Phoebe Ann Desha in President Johnson's tree. Her mother was Eleanor Wheeler. Winnie's descent to the Wheeler family comes through Eleanor's brother John B. Wheeler who married Mary Revel. They were parents of John Wheeler who married married Mary Cracraft and their son Levi Benjamin Wheeler married Sytha Jane King. Levi and Sythia are the parents of Mary Ann Wheeler--Winnie's Grandmother.  

John and Mary Polly Cracraft Wheeler lie in the cemetery below.  Many of this family are members of Daughters of the American Revolution.  
So Winnie and Lyndon match  like this---
Winn                            Lyn
Uncle Harold                Samuel Early Johnson
Mary Wheeler               Eliza Jane Bunton
Levi B. Wheeler            Robert Holmes Bunton
John Wheeler                Phoebe Desha
John B. Wheeler            Eleanor Wheeler
Joseph Wheeler              Joseph Wheeler

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Douglas Road Photos

Sister Helen saw these on Facebook and alerted me to them.  I am sharing them and what the poster said about each photo.   Patsy, Richard, Clayton and Fleta Powell all attended Douglas School.  Most were shared by  Terry Barnhill.  I guess Helen knew that Hugh Norris was not our old sweet neighbor, Hugh Morris.  I realized it after posting all these, but will leave them here for others to find that might be interested.

Hugh Norris, Kaye Friday, Erton Williams, Hattie Norris, Manuel Brammer, Gayle Friday, Varnel Wisdom, Jo Marie Norris, Jesse McNemar, Lee Norris.

Hugh Norris, Jesse McNemar, Harry Barnhill, Lee Norris, Clark McDaniel, Orda Norris

Digging the well at Douglas School around 1900. 

Ernest Norris, wife Nora McNemar along with Addison McNemar and his wife Martelia Norris.

Douglas School 1895--People not identified.

 Coin School District 1939 photo.
L-R Front to back:
Row 1.
Joy Smothers, Emily Faye Horn, Bennie Jones, Wilma Jean King, Maxine Cooper, Freddie Smothers
Row 2.
Wanda Faye Cooper, (not sure of first name) Aleta Harris, Iola Pearl Barnhill, Beryl Barnhill
Row 3.
Willie Rain Dixon, Wilma Faye Dixon, Jane Jones, Roxie Smith (Teacher).

 Douglas School around 1919. Names don't all match up in order, and some are repeated. Have to just figure out your kin best you can! Probably have some names misspelled, hard to make out some of these.
Bottom Row:
Grace Kerr, Mary Norris, Gladys Orrell, Ruth Fry, Rutha Norris, Mary Kerr, King Hulsey, Frank Gunn, Carroll McNemar, Arlis McNemar, Rowlet, Lena McNiel, Olara Lee McNiel, Nadine McNiel.
Row 2:
Roy Rowlet, Sam Fry, Ray Norris, Rex McNiel, Bill Franklin, Ruth Rowlet, Mattie Mae Norris, Mary Kerr, Norma Hoback, Ethel Gregg, Vonia Norris, Ruby Norris, Lucy Dean Harbet.
Row 3:
Augusta Gregg, Flint Stone, Irby Norris, George McNiel, Noble McNiel, Nannie McCaily, John K Norris, John Hyle, Lee Norris, Gladys Rowlet, Edna Barnhill, Helen Pendley, Emma Bell Franklin, Lorea Hoback, Georgia Norris, Helen Pendley.
Row 4:
Hubert Smith - Teacher, Charlie Pendley, Jesse McNemar, Monard Brammer, Fern Norris, Dora Gregg, Chalmer Stone, Lee McNemar, Herman McNiel.
Row 5:
Orda Norris, Jo Marie Norris, Erton Williams, Hugh Norris.

Douglas School around 1907 - 08, not sure of exact year.
L-R Front to Back:
Row 1.
Hugh Norris, Shirley Patton, Robert Ragsdale, Virgil Patton, Clyde Ragsdale, Wanda Brammer, Fern Norris, (unk), (unk).
Row 2.
Faye Wisdom, Riley Norris, Mattie Norris, (unk), (unk), Georgia Galloway, Mary Lou Williams, Ola (O'Neal) Norris - Teacher.
Row 3.
Nellie McNemar, Mattie Ragsdale, (unk), (unk), (unk), Carl Patton, (unk), Grady Wisdom, Clarence Patton, Arlis McNemar.

Douglas School 1895--People not identified.

 Douglas School around 1912.
L-R Front to Back:
Row 1.
Joe Atkinson, Gene Atkinson, Audry Wisdom, Carl Watkins, George McNiel, Clyde McNiel.
Row 2.
Claudia Hulsey, Opal Hulsey, Hilda Hulsey, Ruby Wisdom, Gertrude Laurence, Lorena Hoback, Hattie Norris, Clara Moore, Helen Pendley, Flossie Pendley.
Row 3 - (missing one name)
Clifford Fry - Teacher, Vera Parker, GD Norris, Gladys Laurence, Nellie McNemar, Mava Laurence, Nina Laurence, Jo Marie Norris, Berta Moore.
Row 4.
Lee McNemar, Garland McNiel, Raynard Fry, Frank Pendley, Roy Moore, Erton Williams, William Norris, Hollis Parker.