Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to rotate images in Blogger

Since Sister Patsy will no longer help us with our blog posts, the Sisters need a way to rotate images in Blogspot.  I have searched the web before to find and answer, but had not found one that actually worked until today.

I got this to work.  I am going to attempt to paste in the instructions below, but often pasting html code into a webpage does not work because you get the rendering of the code instead of the text of the code.  Anyway, here goes with a paste.

How do I rotate an image while drafting a post on It is actually simple:

1 - I insert the image in the post at the place I want it to be.

2 - I switch to the HTML 

3 - I find the end of the 'img' HTML tag added by blogger during the insertion of the image. Here what blogger generated when I inserted the arrow above:

4 - I add the following expression just before '/>':

style="transform: rotate(90deg);
 -ms-transform: rotate(90deg); 
-webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);"

To flip and image replace 90 deg with 180 deg