Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gaddy Photos

 A descendant of Virgie Cody Thompson (her son) shared these pictures with me.  They belonged to his Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Blevins Cody.  Betty Cody was the daughter of Isham and Catherine Matlock Blevins.  She lived with Virgie after her husband died (Lee Henry Cody).   Betty did not pass until 1960.  She and Virgie went through her old pictures and labeled them.  These were labeled "Gaddy".  The top photo says it is Helen Gaddy.  But it is not.  I am sure it is probably one of Grandpa's sisters.  The photo below looks like "Larry Gaddy".  So I tbink maybe it is Laura Gaddy who married Clarence Collins.  The bottom photo was only labeled Gaddy.  I wonder if they did not know who it was but Betty Cody said it was a Gaddy.
 Lee Henry Cody's mother was a Sarah Mckee and her mother was Mary Susan Carpenter, our Grandfather William Carpenter's sister.  Sarah McKee and Martha Jane Gaddy were first cousins--so I think all these Gaddy pictures are daughter's of Martha Jane and William Solon Gaddy.  Fleta do you have any ideas as to who each one is.  I thought one might be Edna Gaddy, but have decided they do not look like her.

Mr. Thompson is sending me a dvd of all of his Grandmother's pictures.  I can't wait to see what is there.  Sure hope they are labeled with names and not just a picture code as these were labeled.
This is a picture of Sarah Jane "Dolly" Gaddy Crawford.  
 This is Reno Crawford.  I am not sure but think the picture Robert Thompson shared with me my be their wedding photo and the single picture may be Dolly.
What do you think, Fleta?