Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thomas Benton Casey

 I found these on Ancestry and am saving them here.  Above is Thomas Benton Casey and his father, Christopher C. Casey.  Below is Clarissa Garrison Casey, Alex Casey (Tom's brother),  next says George Panter, then Nellie Casey Panter, then Kizzie Casey Hyett/Hiett, and Tom Casey.  Clarissa and Lucretia Garrison were sister of Larry's grandfather, Jonathan Lewis.  They married brothers Alex or Alec and Tom Casey.  Tom and Alex were born in Taney County, MO.
 I think this is Louise Casey (Tom and Cretie's daughter), then Grandma Bess Standridge Garrison, then maybe one of Tom Casey's sisters?, then Cretie, her daughers, Janice and Imogene, Tom Casey, James Cleve Casey,  I sure about the boy with a hat.
 This is Chris Casey's family.  His wife, Mary Ufins Kissee, died before he moved to Newton/Searcy Co. AR.  He did not remarry.
 Thomas Benton Casey, below.
 Alex and Tom Casey.  Alex died when he was in his early 60's.  Tom lived to be very old.

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