Thursday, April 19, 2018

Of Naming, quilts and people

Thanks to Laura and Betty's friend Amy our quilt pattern has a name.  It is commonly known as Rolling Stone, and also Broken Wheel.  Several websites say this quilt pattern is easy to make into a beautiful quilt.  I think that may be fake news.

Here is my diagram of the quilt pattern in excel.  Until I drew it out by hand on top of the photo and then transferred my lines to excel, I could not really see the whole pattern, which is just two rows repeated.

The yellow squares are white in our original quilt.

This is a representation I found of the pattern. The dotted squares in this pattern are white in our quilt.

The google capture above and below show how different the finished quilt will look just by arranging the colors differently.

This capture was a capture from a broken wheel pattern search.  Again, this is the same exact pattern with different placement of the colors.

Thanks to Betty, Laura and Amy for help in naming this quilt.

I have put names and identities to 26 of the 30 named squares. 

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